Richmond Hill's City Manager ousted

RICHMOND HILL, GA (WTOC) - Shortly after swearing in two new members Tuesday, the new Richmond Hill City Council decided to "relieve" City Manager Mike Melton of his duties.

Mayor Harold Fowler says the decision was not based on anything Melton had or had not done, but was because the council felt in order to move in a new direction they needed to get rid of Melton, who's served in the position for 15 years.

"We did not have a good work relationship. Mr. Melton was hands on, very close to what he did and really didn't share much of that with me," Fowler said.

Mayor Fowler has worked with Melton for the past two years and feels the council made the right decision to move the City of Richmond Hill forward.

Melton didn't want to comment of his termination, but said "It's been a pleasure to serve the people of Richmond Hill for 15 years and I'm proud of my accomplishments."

Melton has five days to appeal the council's decision, followed by up to 45 days for a hearing.

Mayor Fowler says he and city council have no one in mind at this time to replace Melton.

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