Pro-Life Vehicle Tags Proposed

ProLife Anderson's car, covered with pro-life messaging.
ProLife Anderson's car, covered with pro-life messaging.

Is the abortion debate about to get new wheels? Some Georgia lawmakers are pushing for a pro-life vehicle tag. These would read, "Choose life." The plates have already been approved by the Senate. Now, it looks like the abortion debate is about to hit on all cylinders once again.

Since the 1970s, ProLife Anderson--his legal name is now ProLife--has been protesting abortions nationwide. He says allowing license plates with a choose life message is a good thing. "That's a positive statement, just like the term pro-choice means no choice for the babies," he said.

ProLife is a walking antiabortion billboard, his car is a pro-life float, covered with his message. Adding a tag is a no-brainer. "It's superfluous, it will just add to the message," he said.

One look at the car, and you get a good idea where ProLife stands on the issue. For others, their view may not be so obvious. A tag on the back of your car saying "choose life" may be a little more simple, but if the state lets it go through, pro-choice activists say it's not exactly fair.

"They need to show both viewpoints," said Planned Parenthood's Kelly Rand. She says if the state is going to issue pro-life plates, it should also add a pro-choice message. She says, better yet, do nothing at all. "People can put pro-life bumper stickers and posters on their car, but it's not something the state should be issuing."

"If they want that on their car, and show people they are in favor of killing babies, that's their concern," said ProLife. Meanwhile, he'll keep spreading what he believes and hopes the tags get approved. "If only one baby is saved by the message, it's worth the whole program," he said.

The Georgia House will now decide on whether the "choose life" license plates will see the light of day. Even if it passes, critics say it's unconstitutional. Courts in both South Carolina and Louisiana have ruled the antiabortion tags violate the First Amendment.

Reported by: Don Logana,