Mothers Demand Action for gun sense

Mothers Demand Action for gun sense

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Mothers in Savannah gathering to demand tougher gun control laws. The group Moms Demand Action for gun sense in America held a Mother's Day campaign Saturday in Forsyth Park honoring gun violence victims.

"As mothers, we have right to know our children are safe in their schools any school anywhere," said a member of the newly formed Savannah chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

For some mothers in Savannah this Mother's Day was about uniting to rally for commons sense gun laws.

"I am here and I have two children and I would like our elected representatives to see we are not satisfied with the gun laws right now and we just want stricter tougher laws," said Jessica Bridges.

Carrying eight flowers in their hand to represent the eight children that are killed in America every day by the way of guns, these moms and supporters walked Forsyth Park to spread their message.

"This is moms demanding action for better laws," said Bridges. "I think moms have a big voice and we need to use it."

For Barbara O' Neal, the message really hits home as she spends this Mother's Day without her son. In 2011, Allen Dwyane O'Neal was murdered during an armed robbery in Tatemville.

"It has devastated my life," said O'Neal. "The pain is so unbearable just to know my child will never come back home again. It brings up so much hurt so much pain that is still there."

O'Neal is also part of Moms Demand Action. The group formed shortly after the Newtown massacre in December and has held several rallies in support of passing tougher gun legislation.

"As mothers, we have right to demand out government use same strong regulations for guns as they have for toys cars and food," O'Neal said.

At the end of the walk, the Mother's Bill of Rights was read aloud. These mothers hope their voices are heard and others realize how gun violence has changed Mother's Day for victims.

"You are killing not only a friend you are killing someone's child, someone's loved one, someone's sibling," said O'Neal. "Just because you aren't hurting other people are hurting from this and it must be stopped."

For more information, visit the Savannah Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America on Facebook.

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