CEMA: Expect power outages with TS Andrea

CEMA: Expect power outages with TS Andrea

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - The Chatham Emergency Management Agency has a team scheduled to work overnight to respond to the tropical storm threat.

CEMA Director Clayton Scott said power outages are nearly certain with this storm.

"The issue is going to be all the trees are wet. They're all still full of leaves because we haven't had a lot of wind this year - full of moss, branches. … Instead of something that the wind can blow through, it's going to hit a solid mass and it's going to blow trees over," Scott said.

Experts recommend buying batteries, a flashlight, non-perishable food and a NOAA weather radio, a can opener and water.

CEMA stressed the importance of tornado preparation with this storm. The agency offered these tips: Have shoes on when you run for cover; put on a motorcycle or bicycle helmet to protect your head and get to the lowest and point in the house and cover your head with clothes or a mattress if you can.

CEMA reminds residents that the emergency siren system is meant for outdoor use and not intended to read the inside. So when wind and rain gets heavy while inside, they might not be audible.

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