First responders learn canine triage

First responders learn canine triage

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Working dog handlers from across Georgia met Thursday in Savannah to learn triage for their four-legged partners.

"A simple thing like bandaging, even though you may know how to do it on a person, when you have a floppy ear, it's definitely a transfer of skills," said Jo-Anne Brenner, who taught the class hosted by the Chatham County Sheriff's Office.

It's not just the physiology that's different. Canine first responders crawl into places their human partners can't.

"Their whole world is on their paws," Brenner said. "It's on ground that could be hot in weather like this, so the types of injuries can be different."

Thursday's training was for handlers of bomb dogs, narcotics dogs and search and rescue dogs. Tuesday and Wednesday, medics from across the state were trained.

After the training, the first responders also will be equipped to help the public if a pet is injured.

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