Savannah pastor: Paula Deen can't be a racist

Updated: Jun. 20, 2013 at 11:07 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Celebrity chef Paula Deen is used to media attention but not like this. She is fighting back against accusations of racism as much as her attorney's will let her with an ongoing lawsuit. A former employee is suing Deen over harassment and work condition at Uncle Bubba's restaurant.

On Wednesday morning, details from Deen's deposition were reported worldwide, including accusations of a racist dream wedding and the use of the n-word.

Deen says the statements she made in the deposition were taken out of context. Many of Deen's employees say they are angry and want to speak out but lawyers won't let them.

On Thursday, WTOC spoke with Pastor Gregory A. Tyson, Sr. from First Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church about Hollis Johnson -- the black man who manages much of Deen's affairs, travels everywhere with her, owns a successful limo company with a fleet of cars that Deen helped finance and start -- and Johnson's relationship with Deen.

"People are going to jump on it and believe what they want to believe and add what they want to add. But one thing I can sit here today and look you in the face and tell you is that woman can't be a racist. She can't have a heart against black people with all that she had done, and all she continues to do. That is why I'm here with you today to be a character witness for miss Paula Deen because she is a beautiful person, a beautiful spirit," said Tyson.

Watch more of the interview with Tyson above.

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