SWAT raids wrong home

SWAT raids wrong home

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A home was heavily damaged after an operation to find gang members who are indicted on 97 counts.

SWAT members were looking for Jashavious Keel. He is one of the suspects named in a Chatham County indictment. The district attorney's office said 14 West 61st Street is his last known address.

The couple who lives at the home said they have no idea who Keel is.

They said SWAT members left their home in pieces, but the good news is the city of savannah has already temporary repairs.

Michael Hall's front door is more than half gone and four windows were broken. That's after SWAT members forced their way inside at 4 a.m. Thursday.

"We heard a kaboom, and after that we jumped up out of the bed and police are screaming: 'get down, get down get down,'" Hall said.

Hall said he and his wife thought they were getting robbed. When they got out of bed and before they realized it, officers had put them in plastic cuffs.

"They stayed in there about two, maybe three minutes, searching the house, saying: 'clear room one; clear room two; clear room three; clear room four'. At that time the SWAT team left, after they cleared the house," Hall said.

Hall said they were asked if they knew Keel. They told officers no.

"He never lived here because my daughter has lived here since 2000," he said.

A new conference detailing the gang crackdown, District Attorney Meg Heap said that this was the address they had for Keel as of 30 days ago.

"This information as to where this individual, this defendant charged in this indictment. That information was obtain from court records from other court dates he had been there. He had listed that as his address and phoenix, which is the jail," Heap said.

She said the incident is still under investigation. However, city representative told WTOC that they will be sending someone to make repairs.

Now the question of whether the city or the county will pay for those repairs.

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