Bluffton firefighters train at abandoned home

Bluffton firefighters train at abandoned home
Capt. Randy Hunter
Capt. Randy Hunter

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Firefighters must train constantly to stay physically and mentally fit for the job.

For several weeks, Bluffton firefighters have used an abandoned 3,000-square-foot house as a training ground to improve their skills.

Imagine a firefighter goes down while inside a smoky, two-story house.

His colleagues find him and get him out of there quickly and safely. It's a simulated exercise, but the circumstances could easily become real.

That's just what Bluffton firefighters have been practicing inside an abandoned house.

"The really neat thing about this is when we first started training here, the guys didn't know, the floor, the layout of the house how many stories it was so when they came in to train, this is about as close to real as we can get, they're surprised, they don't know anything," said Capt. Randy Hunter, Town of Bluffton Fire District.

It's a special collaboration between the local fire dept and May River Preserve, who donated the house to them.

"It's fantastic, knowing that our local firefighters are training, taking advantage of the opportunity, it means the world to the development and the new community," said Bryan Jacoby, of the May River Preserve.

The Bluffton firefighters will train in the abandoned house until the end of October. After that, the plan is to demolish it.

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