Father son inventor team launches the iCan

Father son inventor team launches the iCan
Brian invented the first thumbless glove and silicone gel eye protection piece.
Brian invented the first thumbless glove and silicone gel eye protection piece.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Brian Bettis spent years as a professional fighter, but after a serious injury to his eye took him out of the ring, he decided it was time for a change.

"I  wanted to do something for fighters to prevent a detached retina," he said.

"I came up and patented the first thumbless glove and first silicone gel eye protection piece so that fighters wouldn't get thumbed in the eye."

He sold the rights to Everlast, and he's spent the past few decades developing patents across the country. His invention business is truly a family affair.

"My son's been inventing with me since he was walking pretty much," said Rocky Bettis. "Him and I started our journey together and we've never strayed from our journey."

Their latest venture came about by pure accident. Bettis said he was sick and tired of working by the computer and accidentally knocking over his drink.

"I thought, gosh darn, I can't cap this can! So that's what kind of turned a light on and gave me the idea."

Introducing the iCan Twist Top.

"This has no sharp objects in it, and not only does it keep your beverage fresh, you can throw it in the cooler. You can put it back in the refrigerator," Rocky explained.

Rocky and Brian argue the time is now to make a change to the aluminum can, and they need help from the community to do that.

"It went from the pull tab, to the pop top, now to the twist top, it's a natural progression. We need support," Rocky said.

The father/son duo set up a campaign on the popular fundraising website Kickstarter, and they are well aware their task is not an easy one.

"It's not about not taking the risk. You absolutely have to go for the gold on this," Rocky said.

No matter what happens with their iCan, both Brian and Rocky hope their career can make an impact on future generations.

"Even though it has its ups and downs, it has the rewards of not only can you make a difference for the environment… you can leave a legacy," Rocky said.

To learn more about the iCan Twist Top and donate, click here.

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