Man who dives for shark teeth to hold treasure hunt

Man who dives for shark teeth to hold treasure hunt

PORT ROYAL, SC (WTOC) - While there may be some debate as to whether the Tooth Fairy is real, one man in the Lowcountry is a real Shark Tooth Fairy.

Mike Harris has become popular among children and adults for his buried treasures along Port Royal's Sands Beach.

"Hello there!"

Harris is an eclectic man who enjoys the simple life.

He splits his time being a boat mechanic and a poet. But his biggest love is scuba diving for shark teeth.

"Putting X-box out of business one shark tooth at a time," said Harris. He said some of his shark teeth date back more than 32 million years.

With his dog Captain Morgan, he has earned the nickname Shark Tooth Fairy for burying his treasures along Sands Beach for young and old to find.

Using Facebook to promote the treasure hunt, he has connected with other scuba divers along the East Coast who have donated their shark teeth to his scavenger hunts.

"Don't be fooled! Mike's enjoying this just as much as they are," said his friend, Gene Rowell.

Those who know him say it's a great way to teach the younger generations about history and science.

"What kid's not interested in prehistoric dinosaurs? I know I am," added Rowell.

A megalodon shark tooth is one of Harris' most prized possessions. It weighs almost 2 pounds, measures more than 6.5 inches long. He says he'll only sell it if he finds a bigger one.

But Harris says he's more than happy to let go of most of his treasures

"[I have] some wooly mammoth vertebraes, huge whale vertebrae and I got bags of these teeth," he said.

He describes seeing the happy expressions on children's faces.

"Oh that's just irreplaceable and if you're there to catch a picture of it, you get to keep it awhile and I would rather collect those than the shark teeth," said Harris.

Proof that a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Harris will scatter more shark teeth and other treasures along Sands Beach for another scavenger hunt starting at noon on Feb. 1.

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