Savannah film community gathers to honor Sarah Jones

Savannah film community gathers to honor Sarah Jones

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - More than 100 people from Savannah's film community joined the Ladies of Savannah Women in Film and Television Organization, also known as Swift, tonight to honor one of their own, Sarah Jones.

Jones passed away on February 20 when she was hit by a freight train while working on the set of a movie in Wayne County.

"She was clearly a beautiful young woman...and she's being missed by many...and she's loved by people who never even knew her. That's a rare thing." said Marian Green, S.W.I.F.T. Board Member.

"She was the hardworking person that was constantly doing her job. she was so focused on doing the right job." said Mark Ezrastokes.

The news of  27-year-old Sarah Jones' tragic death shocked many,  especially those in the film industry, mostly because of the way she died.

Sarah was working on this railroad track on February 20 with other crew members. They were filming Greg Allman's biopic Night Rider when she was hit by a freight train.

It was an accident... but according to some it could have been avoided.

"I'm angry. I'm just angry." said Green.

Green is stunt person. She's been doing that dangerous job for more than 30 years.

"I have lost friends, who were stunt people, who died tragically." said Green

That's why she and everyone else here says safety needs to be taken seriously on movie sets.

"We can be in a career that we love, but it's always safety first, always." said Green.

Many of the folks who attended Sunday's event are parents, like Judith More. Her sons are in the business, so all she can think about is Sarah's parents.

"I just thought Oh My God, I could be that mother getting that phone call. " said More.

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