Speak Out Editorial - 05/26/14

Speak Out Editorial - 05/26/14

This week WTOC will present – for the 21st time – the Children's Miracle Network benefitting the Children's Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center. The broadcast is a point of pride for all of us here at WTOC.

The Children's Hospital cares for thousands of children ranging from Avery, Liam and Jacob - triplets born at less than three pounds - to Kylee Harper who pulled a television set down on her head last year and suffered traumatic brain injury. In lesser hands we might have lost Kylee, but thanks to the doctors and medical staff at Memorial she's doing fine.

But this year is special for another reason. This year the folks at Memorial decided to dedicate the broadcast to our Mike Manhatton. This will be the first year that Mike will not anchor the event alongside Dawn…his absence will be deeply felt.

But the crew and the folks from Memorial will press on to continue the work that Mike started…the work that results in children being cured and saved and taken care of.

Our broadcast begins at Noon on Saturday, then we'll take a break for a little golf and news and be back with you live at 7 PM from Memorial. We hope you'll look in at some of the faces and stories of people right here in our community who have been blessed with the miracles that your donations have made possible. And we hope you'll find it in your heart to help us out again this year.