Family, friends honor Rebecca Foley

Family, friends honor Rebecca Foley

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Saturday marked the 17th month since the fatal shooting of Rebecca Foley. Her family and friends gathered at Lake Mayer to honor her memory.

Foley was found dead in her car at the Colonial village apartments in January. According to police, she was shot while her car was moving.

Today was very hard for Foley's family, especially her father, Eddie because her birthday is Monday. She would have been 23.

Eddie is upset because he feels like investigators have "given up on the case."

"The last time I spoke to them was about five months ago and still no new information," Eddie said. "I think the FBI should be investigating this."

Eddie is hoping events like the one they held on Saturday will keep people interested in the case, and hopefully lead to some new information about what happened."

"We just want justice," said Eddie.

Briauna Patrick, Rebecca's best friend, attended the ceremony as well.

 "It's hard not having her here. It's weird," she said. "I want to call her and text her to tell her what is going on. I wish she was here today to see this."

If you have any information that could about what happened to Rebecca, you are asked to call crimestoppers: 912-234-2020 or Metro Police 912-651-6675.

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