Tips for choosing a daycare

Tips for choosing a daycare

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Mackenzie Wright's face was bruised while at daycare back in May. The incident sparked a DSS and Jasper County Sheriff's Office investigation, which is ongoing.

Many people have gone to the WTOC Facebook asking one question: How do you choose the right daycare for my child?

Finding a daycare to send your child to can be a difficult task, and it is one most parents don't take lightly.

Officials at South Carolina Department of Social Services said you shouldn't take it lightly.

"Go with your gut feeling is the first thing," Director of Kids College Shanel Riddle said.

She said there are four basic things every parent should do when looking for a daycare

Research is number one on the list. Also, make sure each daycare has the correct teacher to child ratio, make sure the daycare has an open door policy for parents, and always tour the facility.

"Usually if they don't allow tours or don't allow people to come in that's a bad sign," Riddle said.

Also, in South Carolina, there are two types of daycare facilities, registered and licensed daycares.

A registered center must register their business with DSS, but they don't have to be inspected by DSS and they don't have to follow the rules that DSS has set for licensed daycare centers.

"So you want to make sure you're looking for broken items, you know, if you see broken tiles that are fixed," Riddle said. "There are things that DSS makes us do, rules that we follow because DSS knows what happens in child care."

Riddle said when you find that daycare, the lines of communication between you and the daycare director must never fail.

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