Rebecca Foley's family: Her case has gone cold

Rebecca Foley's family: Her case has gone cold

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The family of Savannah State student Rebecca Foley, shot to death in January 2013, is crying foul now that the investigation into the homicide has stalled.

They rallied Sunday on the steps of City Hall, saying the police department hasn't done its job. They believe they've been misled by top police brass.

The detective assigned to the case was transferred to another unit months ago. No one has taken his place.

"I don't know what to believe coming out of this department," Rebecca's father, Eddie Foley, said.

Her mother, Jennifer Foley, says the family was told detectives were working the case and would call once a month to keep her informed.

"None of that happened," she said.

The Foley family said one officer told them they had suspects. Another officer told them the case had gone cold.

"I'd like to see that a detective get assigned to this case and be given the time and the resources to work the case properly," Jennifer Foley said.

Police say they're still looking into the homicide.

"It's an active investigation," police spokesman Julian Miller said. "It's always been an active investigation. It never stopped."

Miller said just because the case is classified as cold doesn't mean the department has given up.

"It just means a case where the leads have stopped coming in," he said. "Since the night it happened, nothing has stopped on the case."

Rebecca's family says that's true. However, the detectives working the investigation aren't getting paid to do it.

Her grandmother, Lois Fowler, said police are looking into the case, "on their own time, because they cared, and because they're policemen, and that's what policemen should do."

For their march on City Hall, the Foley family wore shirts marking Sunday, the 580th since Rebecca lost her life.

Her sister, Beni Cloer, choked up when asked how it felt to be back in Savannah; a place where she and her sister had so many good memories.

Rebecca was 21 years old when she died.

"It's scary to know that my sister is not going to be there to hold my hand when I have my children," Cloer said. "It's scary to know that I'm not going to be there to hold her hand when she has hers. It's a hole in my life."

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