Sheriff Al St. Lawrence supports Common Core to help reduce crime

Sheriff Al St. Lawrence supports Common Core to help reduce crime

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Local law enforcement leaders are are pushing leaders to keep Common Core in Georgia.

Chatham County Sheriff Al St. Lawrence released a report from Fight Crime; Invest in Kids that highlights higher education leads to lower crime.

"There is a direct correlation between education and crime," said St. Lawrence.

Booking 18,000 inmates a year in the jail, St. Lawrence believes education is key in preventing crime.

"That is why we have programs, like the GED program to help these people out, but they need to be pushed before that to finish school and graduate from high school so they can get a decent job," he said. "Most people won't talk to you about a job if you don't have a high school diploma. That is what this is all about."

The sheriff is joining forces with Fight Crime; Invest in Kids to encourage the implementation of Common Core Georgia performance standards, citing the need to better prepare students for higher education and careers so that fewer turn to crime.

"Stay in school, work hard and graduate and not become involved in a life of crime," said St. Lawrence.

Nationwide, seven out of 10 inmates in state prisons failed to graduate high school. Project Inspire Incorporated Deputy Director Brodrick Hill says it is key the community and local law enforcement get involved.

"Being able to work with the Sheriff's Office and being able to reinforce those teachings and partner with them and begin to create programs to assist in the rehabilitation process and building more productive citizens and productive people just boosts not only the economy but the morale of the city," said Brodrick.

Nearly 50 Georgia law enforcement leaders are now backing Common Core as an important effort to ensure all students have a chance to go to college and get a high school education in order to bring down crime.

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