'Til Death do us Part: Working for change in the Palmetto State

'Til Death do us Part: Working for change in the Palmetto State

COLUMBIA, SC (WTOC) - The Violence Policy Center's latest numbers show Georgia ranks ninth in the nation for women killed by men in domestic violence, while South Carolina ranks second.

Those numbers have South Carolina lawmakers pushing for legislation that will enforce stricter penalties for those convicted of criminal domestic violence. South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson says each year, law enforcement officers get more than 36,000 reports of domestic violence.

If someone is convicted of domestic violence in South Carolina, they cannot buy a gun. The new legislation goes even further, by stripping offenders of the guns they currently own for a decade after they serve their sentence.

"Here's the thing. Nobody thinks a violent offender needs a firearm. I haven't talked to those people, even those not in favor of the gun provision," Wilson said.

"You beat your dog and get five years, you beat your wife you get 30 days. That does not adequately represent the values of South Carolinians."

The bill now heads to the full South Carolina Senate for debate.

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