Asked and Answered: Is E. Shaver Bookstore closing in downtown Savannah?

Asked and Answered: Is E. Shaver Bookstore closing in downtown Savannah?

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Forty years ago, E Shaver Books opened in downtown Savannah and has been mainstay ever since. Until Esther Shaver announced she was selling and retiring.

It's been a while since then, but this week many of you asked is it closing? That was the word on the street... next week was E-Shaver's final chapter. We are separating fact from fiction in this WTOC Asked and Answered.

It really was no secret E Shaver Books was on the market. .Esther Shaver announced her retirement more than a year and a half ago. If you walked by the bookstore you saw empty spaces inside the bookstore, but if you didn't read that fine print, you might think they were closing and the rumors were true that they were closing in just a few days. But don't always believe what they say.

"No, we are not going anywhere," Jessica Osborne, E Shaver employeer, told WTOC.

Jessica Osborne has heard the whispers and the gossip. She admits they come with a little credibility, especially after owner Esther Shaver wrote on Facebook all the way back in September of 2013 she was retiring and putting the bookstore up for sale.

Jessica, who has worked for E Shaver the last three years, says the bookstore is no longer for sale because she bought it. She's now co-owner with Esther Shaver, who will drop by once a week. As for those empty store fronts, those are being turned into a tea room.

"What's better than a book and a cup of tea," Osborne told WTOC.

She also asked WTOC to help put the rumors to rest. E. Shaver Books, opened in 1975, is here to stay. 

"Yes! An end to the rumors. We are not closing. We are not going anywhere. We are here," Osborne said.

That fine print, by the way, says the Savannah Tea Shop will open April 1st. Not closing!

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