'Bee Cause Project' held at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School

'Bee Cause Project' held at St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - On Wednesday, April 22 St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School celebrated Earth Day by partnering with The "Bee Cause Project" to unveil a new Honeybee Observation Hive at the school.

Many of the younger students have been making bee hats to wear for the event. The thousands of bees will be kept in a tall double-sided glass hive in one of the classrooms. There is a clear tube that leads to a garden outside so the bees can come and go as they please.

The mission of the "Bee Cause Project" is to stimulate curiosity in young people about the importance of honey bees and the need to understand and embrace them and to care about their well-being through the installation of bee hives in 1,000 schools. St. Peter the Apostle is the 45th school to receive a hive.

Schools that receive a honeybee observation hive agree to run an annual fundraiser selling Bee Cause Honey to help pay for the ongoing care of the bee family they adopted and for the installation of honeybee observation hives at other schools. The honey that is sold is donated by The Savannah Bee Company and 100 percent of the profits are used to support The Bee Cause.

"We are committed to teaching science through hands-on learning for all grade levels and this hive is just another tool we can use to enhancing learning and use it to teach our students about the earth's ecosystems, biology and physical science," said Middle School Science Teacher Sallie Boyles.

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