Savannah Ambucs gives away 5 amtrykes

Savannah Ambucs gives away 5 amtrykes

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Some youngsters are really on a roll now.

Savannah Ambucs gave away five new amtrykes on Monday night. The three-wheel bikes are adjusted to help make each child's ride as easy as possible.

"Lilah was born with multiple special needs, and she doesn't have the strength or muscle tone to ride a typical functioning bike like most of us do, like typical functioning kids do," said mother Katie Smith. So Ambuc bikes are designed for children or adults that have special needs and it gives them more assistance so they can be more independent."

"I would encourage other business owners and company owners in Savannah to get involved with the Ambucs," said sponsor Heather Fries. "I think it's an extremely worthwhile group of people. If you see the kids' faces, I mean, and the families, they're not able to do this, and we're able to intercede and get in there and give the children, their life is so much happier for it."

To learn more about Ambucs and to get involved, visit Savannah Ambucs website.

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