Soldier Learns of Expected Fatherhood on Deployment Date

What's the best going away present anyone's ever given you? Chances are, it's nothing like what one Third Infantry Division soldier's wife gave him the day he left for Iraq. Jodi Powell gave her husband, SSgt. Lance Powell, the news of a lifetime when he was getting on the plane here. And it was months in the making.

"I always thought, I'm not going to marry a military man," she told us. "I know what they go through."

But more than ten years ago, Jodi did marry a military man. And four years later, had son Cole.

Their military life has taken them around the world from Tokyo to Virginia Beach, and now back to their hometown of Hinesville.

They wanted to have another child, but getting there wasn't easy as they were hoping. "Around December, we started getting worried," Jodi said. "'What's going on? It's not working.'"

The Powells gave up the idea of having another baby. Then everything changed.

The timing couldn't have been better. "The results were positive that was like hours before he was leaving. That was the best present we could've possibly had."

As for Cole, he wears his daddy's dog tags wherever he goes. As he and his mother play the games he used to play with his father.

Jodi knows both she and her husband have a mission to complete. "My mission is to take care of my family and raise the two children that Lance helped me make," she said.

Jodi hopes that her husband will be able to come home when she delivers, but she says if not, she and her two children will be waiting for him whenever he does come home.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,