Police searching for man who stole $7,000 bike

SCMPD searching for man who stole expensive bicycle
Published: Jul. 16, 2015 at 1:32 AM EDT|Updated: Aug. 15, 2015 at 1:32 AM EDT
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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Police in Savannah are searching for a man who stole a bicycle worth thousands of dollars.

This is the fourth time the owner has had his bike stolen from his downtown home in the past 10 years, but this time hurts the worst.

"I went for a ride Saturday morning, and when I got back, I put the bike up against the stairs," said Wayne Gierke.

That was the last time Gierke saw his Time RXRS bicycle. He began doing work around his home near Oglethorpe and Drayton, Saturday evening, when he says he made the mistake of leaving his garage door open.

"Around 7:30, I just realized the bike wasn't where it had been and second-guessed myself and thought, 'I must have put it away without thinking.' And I looked everywhere it could be and didn't find it, and then realized it had been stolen."

But, the thief was caught on camera.

The video shows the man entering the garage and then opening another door into the courtyard before he took off with the bike.

Gierke installed the security cameras when he first moved downtown, because he noticed a pattern of people scoping out garages in his neighborhood to see what they can steal.

"You see that all the time, especially on bicycles. They cruise down the lanes and they are looking left and right, looking to see if there's an opportunity."

There are a few steps you can take to protect your bike, according to police.

First, be sure to register the bike online with the police department. Remove any detachable parts that could get stolen, and give the bike a unique feature like a sticker or paint job that would make it easy to identify. Also, invest in a good lock.

"But, you want to make sure that it's durable, not just a regular chain that you bought from the dollar store, and a little lock. You want to make sure that it's something that's not going to be easily cut and not easy to break," said Samantha Stephens, SCMPD.

Again, police are still searching for the thief, but Gierke hopes he can at least just get his bike back.

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