Weightlifting champs honored at Chatham County Commission

Weightlifting champs honored at Chatham County Commission

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Chatham County Commissioners honored members of an elite youth weightlifting club, fresh off their Pan-American Championship trip to Mexico.

As part of the Anderson-Cohen weightlifting center, four Chatham County teens made up half of the delegation representing Team USA at this year's tournament.

Several of the commissioners thanked the teens for being positive role models for other kids their age, in a time when county leaders said positive accomplishments need to be honored and lifted up.

Speaking of lifting, of the 13 medals won by Team USA at the Youth Pan-American Weightlifting Championships last week, eleven of those medals were earned by four teens from Chatham County.

There were three 15-year-olds, Harrison Maurus, William Cohen, and CJ Cummings and 17-year-old Mikey Cohen.

Besides being in awe of the teens' accomplishments, County Commissioners weighed in on what positive news means to other teens in the community, saying the lifters would likely be called on again to speak to their peers and offer inspiration.

Their coach, Michael Cohen, addressed the Commission Friday as the teens were recognized.

"Mikey lifted in a class where he did a snatch overhead, one motion, close to 300 pounds. And he attempted the Pan-American record which was 405 pounds. So he clean jerked, which was enough to win, which was 375, something like that," said Michael Cohen, Team Savannah head coach.

"I believe it's important to recognize whenever youth are doing something very positive and very rewarding in our community," said Patrick Farrell, Chatham County commissioner.

C.J. Cummings was voted the best lifter of the entire competition at the Pan-American Championships last week.

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