First search committee meeting to find next president of GSU

First search committee meeting to find next president of GSU

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - The search officially began Wednesday morning for the 13th president of Georgia Southern University.

Members of the search committee gathered for the first time and heard instructions from the chancellor of Georgia's University System. He said choosing a president is one of the Boards of Regent's toughest tasks.

"You absolutely want to get the best person, man or woman, you can possibly get with the best set of skills and characteristics that the university is looking for," said Chancellor Hank Huckaby, Board of Regents.

The search committee represents a cross section of the university – faculty, alumni, students – as well as community leaders. But the chancellor said each person has to look beyond their part of the campus and look for someone who can help GSU in all aspects. That includes research and grants as well as building a campus climate that attracts the next level of teachers and students.

"It's hard work. That's why we have a search firm working with them to develop a strong pool," said Chancellor Huckaby. "Each of the committee members will bring to the table the traits and characteristics they value in terms of background and experience."

The Board of Regents hope this committee can recommend candidates that give them three to five finalists by early 2016.

The chancellor said their goal will be to have a president on campus and in office by July 1st, 2016, but would like to have them in place sooner.

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