Search continues for missing baby Chance Walsh

Search continues for missing baby Chance Walsh

JASPER CO., SC (WTOC) - Authorities in Sarasota County, Florida are continuing their search for clues in the disappearance of a missing 9-week-old boy.

Chance Walsh was reported missing by his grandparents and his parents were arrested in Jasper County.

Investigators say the boy's parents, Joseph Walsh and Kristin Bury, told police they left their son at a Red Carpet Inn in Augusta, Georgia last week. But that's just one version that parents say happened to their son.

Investigators say security surveillance videos confirm the couple stayed at the hotel but the images don't show them with a baby.

A man staying at the hotel says the child's mother told him the baby was dead.

"Then she goes on to tell me that she's homeless, this and that, she shows me the needle marks on her arm she says she's turned into something that she didn't want to, or whatever, that her son has died three weeks ago," said David Fulmer, hotel guest. "I hate to think the worst, but why would you make up so many different endings of it to every different person, unless you had done something bad with that child."

Family members alerted authorities that the baby may be in trouble after the boy's parents gave different stories about his whereabouts.

Chance's maternal grandmother, Sally Susino, is begging for help in finding her grandson.

"We are hoping Kristen and Joseph, who were apprehended by the FBI and are in custody, will do what's right and tell us where Chance is, where he's located so we can bring him home. We ask everyone for your continued prays for Chance and for our families to find him," said Susino.

The couple had another infant son named Duane Walsh. He died last summer, reportedly due to SIDS.

The Florida Department of Children and Families has opened an investigation into Chance's disappearance.

The couple is currently being held in Jasper County, each on $150,000 bond. They are awaiting extradition to Florida.

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