Mayor Edna Jackson comments on election complaints

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Concerns were raised on Tuesday morning after pictures surfaced of a man handing out sample ballots in front of Holy Spirit Lutheran Church.

It was reported to the board of elections, because it could be a violation of campaigning too close to a polls. Precinct managers at a couple of locations had to remind folks that the law is to be 150 feet of the outer edge of the building.

We're told the man was there from about 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. This sample ballot has Mayor Edna Jackson with only the incumbents who are running. The sample ballot also says it was paid for the Committee to re-elect Mayor Edna Jackson.

We asked Mayor Jackson if her people are aware of the rules of campaigning around polling places.

"From what I understand, there were people out there trying to find something just wrong, but my people knew that if they were asked to move by one the managers at the polling site, that they must move," said Mayor Edna Jackson.

The mayor insists all her volunteers are aware of the law and not all of those who got too close were her people.

Police are also investigating after someone stole campaign signs that were in front of a barber shop on Staley Avenue.

As far as of any of these issues having an impact on the results of the election, officials say that's highly unlikely.

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