Life-size Advent calendar house on display in Bluffton

Life-size Advent calendar house on display in Bluffton

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - If you have been in the town of Bluffton recently, you may have noticed a house that exceeds normal decoration expectations.

At first glance it looks like an interpretation of a story book, some people may say it's the 12 Days of Christmas, but for others it's an artistic countdown to the holiday.

The advent calendar is used to countdown the days in anticipation of Christmas, and for the town of Bluffton, counting down has become a public display with large shower curtains hanging from the porch.

"I've been decorating this house and it's always been a challenge to get something big enough and inexpensive to cover the whole house and let people really feel my art so we decided to do shower curtain," said Candace Whittemore Lovely, artist.

When the curtains were first hung, only the numbers 1-12 showed. But what was behind them was a surprise.

"The curtains started off as a number 1 and a number 12. The whole place was covered 1-12 and the anticipation, just like Christmas, was like what's the surprise at the end so I would just turn one cover a day," said Candace.

On Dec. 12th, all the paintings were revealed each one representing something personal to the artist.

"It's like a child you don't want to say one is better than the other, but just historically that one sets us apart, the other one is spencer hollow where I grew up it's a snow scene, and the Bluffton oyster roast that's here and it has a wonderful feeling. The ballets one is from the Hilton Head Ballet and the Boston Ballet, and the little girl I've known since I was five," said Candace.

Even though the art shares a piece of the artist, Whittemore Lovely says there open for interpretation and are merely to represent the things that make Christmas special.

This was the first holiday themed display but there are talks for what's in the works next, it's two months away and revolves around love.

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