Wade Hampton student assaulting teacher caught on camera

Wade Hampton student assaulting teacher caught on camera

HAMPTON CO., SC (WTOC) - A disturbing assault at a Lowcountry high school was caught on camera.

The video has been viewed almost two million times since Sunday. A student is seen repeatedly punching a math teacher at Wade Hampton High School. District officials say the incident happened last semester.

According to district officials, the student was misbehaving when the teacher said he was going to write him up. The student then got up, approached the teacher, and the camera started rolling.

As the video begins, you can see an unidentified male student approaching a teacher. It's unclear what was said but the teacher points to the back of the classroom, then he gets punched in the face.

"The student basically attacked the teacher unprovoked," said Hampton County District 1 Superintendent Dr. Doug McTeer.

You can hear students screaming as their teacher continues to take multiple blows. The video catches about 10 seconds of the assault. The school's resource officer and school officials heard the commotion and broke up the fight. The teen was arrested without incident and charged with third degree assault.

"We were benefited greatly by the professionalism of the teacher. The fact that he did not overreact but handled it so well," said Dr. McTeer.

Since the student is a minor, the school can't comment on disciplinary actions, but deputies say he plead guilty to the assault charge and is being held in a juvenile detention center. The superintendent and police admitted the video helped them see exactly what happened, but they still condemn the use of cell phones in school.

"It may not have happened if someone wasn't willing to take a video of it and egged the boy on to doing something. Phones are a major issue for us," said Dr. McTeer.

He says the video isn't a great representation of its students – but it says a lot about its faculty and staff.

"More than anything else I'm proud of it because what it showed was that in spite the fact that this can happen anywhere, our staff was so professional in handling it," said Dr. McTeer.

The assault suspect is no longer a student at Wade Hampton High School. The teacher missed a few days of school to recover but he is back in his math class.

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