UGA student kidnapped, shot while delivering pizza

UGA student kidnapped, shot while delivering pizza

RICHMOND HILL, GA (WTOC) - A University of Georgia student is recovering back home in Richmond Hill after he was robbed and shot multiple times.

Trey Collins, 19, was kidnapped and shot four times when delivering pizza last week, but now his family is just thankful he's alive and safe.

He was just released from the hospital in Athens Monday morning and his dad brought him home Monday afternoon.

Collins was making a delivery for Thursday night - just his second week on the job - when it took a turn he never saw coming.

"I went to the guy, and the next thing I knew he went to pull out money - because it was cold, he had a jacket on - and instead he pulled out a gun and pointed it to my face, and I could feel another gun on the back of my head," said Collins.

The two men took the pizza and $80 in cash. But they didn't stop there. They then forced Collins into the trunk of his car, got behind the wheel and drove off.

After what Collins thinks was about 10 minutes, he felt the car slow down.

"And they just decided to stop somewhere, turn around, and start opening fire into my backseat," said Collins.

Four of the bullets hit the teenager trapped in his own trunk. But according to police, about 10 total pierced the backseat.

"Many of them landed inches away from me. One bullet - the bullet that went through here - went through my arm, broke the bone, and then hit my rib, and my rib is bruised. So it hit it just hard enough to bruise it, but could've broken the skin and hit my heart. I was that close," said Collins.

Police in Athens announced Monday that they arrested a suspect, 16-year-old Christopher Burnett. They're still searching for the second suspect, 32-year-old Termedric Faust.

Back in Richmond Hill, Collins is recovering and coming to terms with the fact that this nightmare will always be a part of him, literally. Two of the bullets will stay in his body. Doctors say he'll be fine but that trying to remove them would be too risky.

But the teenager says he's lucky and that a new perspective on life is now a part of him, too.

"I'm definitely going to look at the world a little bit differently, be more aware. Not just walk through life and not appreciate things. I would take every moment that I had as a blessing," said Collins.

Doctors say it will take several weeks for Collins to fully heal. He will likely have to medically withdraw from classes at UGA this semester and return in the fall.

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