Over 100 countries participate in 'Safer Internet Day'

Over 100 countries participate in "Safer Internet Day"

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Tuesday is "Safer Internet Day," which means people from over 100 countries across the globe are working to have safer and better Internet.

The push for more responsible use of technology can be online through your computer, or through your phone or tablet. The goal is to tackle things like cyber bullying, and a Richmond Hill father is doing his part as well. He's started an online tool called "Bark," that will monitor your children's email and social media accounts and send you an alert if they find something suspicious, such as sexting or depression, without you having to dig through their phones.

"I think every parent struggles with 'How do I keep my children safe in this environment,' and so Bark is really kind of born from that need as a parent to keep them safe, but also give them the freedom to explore what the Internet is and can be, and learn to do that responsibly," said Brian Bason, founder of Bark.

Click here for more information on Bark.

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