Mother of murdered SSU student pleads for help

Mother of murdered SSU student pleads for help

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Six months ago, a shooting rocked Savannah State University to its core. A 22-year-old student was gunned down in the middle of campus, and still, no arrests have been made.

Christopher Starks was a junior from the Atlanta area, who was getting ready to play football for Savannah State. His family came to Savannah on Tuesday in an attempt to convince someone to come forward so they can get closure.

"No mother should have to send their child to school for a degree, and get them back in a coffin," said the family's attorney, Shean Williams.

On Aug. 27, 2015, gunfire opened at the Student Union.

"I was on campus getting ready to go into the Student Union, and before I could even get there, I heard a shot and saw everyone running out," said Riheem Jefferson.

Christopher died a little while later, and the person who pulled the trigger is still on the loose.

"To have him come back in a body bag is very, very painful," said Sharron Starks, Christopher's mother. "I have just been grieving, but I know I need justice for my son. If you videotaped or you have pictures, I am asking you from the depths of my soul, please get in contact with the GBI and say something."

At this point, there are no leads, no persons of interest, and no closure.

"Somebody's life was taken, so you're not trying to tell on someone, because you hardly know them. I mean, that may have been your friend; how can you not tell somebody?" He loved music, he loved football, and those two things were it. You could catch him doing one thing or the other," said Vincent Dean, friend of Christopher.

"He was an encourager, an older brother, a forerunner, a man of God, and a prayer warrior," said Christopher's mother.

Sharron also had this to say to the killer:

"Just stop running. It is time to face it, because it happened, and he is gone."

Because of this, the family is hoping SSU will continue to look at and improve its on-campus security so this does not happen to anyone else. In the meantime, if you know anything, call campus police, Metro, or the family.

Savannah State released this statement Tuesday evening:

Our thoughts continue to be with the family of Christopher Starks. At Savannah State University, campus safety is our highest priority. The administration routinely evaluates safety measures and resources available to us in order to maintain a climate for students' success in the classroom and for employees to perform their jobs effectively.

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