GA lawmakers aim to slow down truckers

GA lawmakers aim to slow down truckers

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Truck drivers say a proposed law in Georgia – aimed at slowing down semis – is not the solution to deadly crashes involving big rigs.

Under the current law, going more than 20 miles-per-hour above the speed limit will get you slapped with a super speeder ticket. That goes for all drivers - big rigs and regular drivers alike.

Representative Ron Stephens has introduced a bill that will reduce the margin for truckers to 10 miles-per-hour. Some truckers are saying this isn't fair, while others say though it is a good idea, it should apply to everyone.

"I think it's a good idea actually," said trucker, Allen Phillips.

Truckers we spoke to say they would support a Georgia bill that would reduce the super speeder margin if it applies to everyone on the road. Right now, both drivers and truckers will get a super speeder ticket for going more than 20 miles-per-hour, but now lawmakers want it changed so that truckers can only drive ten miles over before getting a ticket.

Some say it's a double standard: if they change the law, it should be for both drivers and truckers.

"All you have to do is sit there and watch them. You'll see cars passing you going 80, 85, and that's everywhere; pouring down rain," said trucker, Jason Smith. "I think it ought to be for everybody. If you're going to come down hard on trucks, you ought to come down hard on cars too."

2015 was a deadly year on I-16. Investigators believe speed was a factor in several of the cases, including one that killed five Georgia Southern nursing students.

Truckers say these issues need to be taken to the federal level.

"You have to know all the laws in every state, and you go to some states and you think you're right and you're wrong," Smith said.

While the average driver may not notice a change in the law from state to state, trucking laws are a different story, and Smith believes it should be regulated to ensure safety across the board.

Travelers like Mariah Cook agree.

"Yeah, I think they should be all the same. That's when I actually saw some of the tractor trailers tipped over," she said.

So, as lawmakers consider this bill, truckers are asking them to consider all the factors when it comes to sharing the road and the fair share of laws across state lines.

"I think the whole problem is, is speeding in general. It's not just trucks that are doing it," said Smith.

This bill to change the super speed limit for truck drivers was introduced last week. It's unclear if it will even be voted on it during this session.

Click here to see the details of the full bill.

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