Georgia Southern unveils electric, hybrid car recharging station

Georgia Southern unveils electric hybrid car recharging station

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - We've been seeing more electric and hybrid cars on the road. Now, you have a new place to charge one - at  Georgia Southern.

The university unveiled a recharging station on campus, outside the parking and transportation office. It can handle two cars at a time, and takes about four hours. The station will be open to people from the university, as well as to visitors, free of charge.

"Recharging stations are becoming more and more common, so we need these to serve cars we will have on campus, but it's a long way between Atlanta and Savannah, and people could come here and be able to use it," said Dr. Lissa Leege, GSU Center for Sustainability.

The station comes through a student-approved sustainability fee they pay per semester. Each recharge uses less than $3 of electricity.

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