Two Drive-by Shootings Related

Police are looking for a group of men they believe are responsible for two shootings on Savannah's east side. The shootings were both drive-bys and they both happened in the same area, along the East 37th Street corridor.

Shots first rang out Wednesday afternoon. Police were called to East 37th Street near Paulsen Street. Close to a dozen shell casings littered the road. Manny Engram, 17, was lying on the ground. He was shot and in bad shape.

Witnesses told police a group of men in a maroon-colored sedan drove by, pulled out their guns and opened fire on Engram.

"It's not an uncommon thing in this neighborhood, it happens all the time," said one resident.

While detectives were still trying to piece together that crime, shots rang out again.

Around 8pm, detectives were called to another drive-by shooting, this time at the intersection of Live Oak and Seiler Avenue, just a few blocks away from the first shooting. Once again witnesses described the same group of shooters and the same car.

Police found shell casings and broken glass in the middle of the street. They say Damien Milton was shot in the chest while he was sitting in his brother's car.

Once again neighbors weren't surprised by the violence.

Around midnight, police got a break in the shootings. Patrol officers spotted the car they were looking for, a maroon Ford Taurus parked in Henry Lane near Paulsen Street.

Detectives believe it is the car used in both the shootings. There was even a shell casing in the back seat.

Now police hope the car will help lead them to the shooters.

The first shooting victim, Manny Engram, is still in critical condition. The second victim, Damien Milton, is in stable condition.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,