Transition draws question about changes to the Savannah Film Office

Changes to come to the Savannah Film Office

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Things are changing at the Savannah Film Office.

In two weeks, it will be under the control of the Economic Development Authority, and that upcoming change is raising plenty of questions from the film community.

The Savannah Film Alliance formed one year ago. While they celebrate one year of fighting for a common goal of improving the film industry in Savannah, the industry locally has gone through huge changes in the last year starting with the film office.

On August 15, it will become the Savannah Area Film Office covering all of Chatham County, not just Savannah.

Filmmakers and crew at the Film Alliance meeting wanted to know from SEDA President Trip Tollison if issuing permits for filming will get caught up in red tape. He promised a faster process. Tollison said he knew not everyone would welcome the change with open arms.

"I think it's change. This is a definite new direction. This is a regional effort and that can bring some people that may not be comfortable with this new direction and we understand that. Our goal is to make sure that they are going to be comfortable and this is going to be a homerun facility and that it's going to be awesome. And that's what it's going to be. There is always a concern when there is change... but... this had to happen," said Tollison.

On August 15, SEDA will name a new Film Office director, and the operation will go live from their offices at the World Trade Center Savannah.

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