Have You Heard: Pokemon Go Scam; Zika Virus Schemes; Celebrity Death Hoax Virus

Have You Heard: Pokemon Go Scam; Zika Virus Schemes; Celebrity Death Hoax Virus

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - You don't have to pay to play the Pokémon GO game, no matter what some e-mail claims.

According to the Better Business Bureau, there is an email invading inboxes with the over the top claim,  "due to the overwhelming response to our new Pokémon GO app and the need for more powerful servers, we can no longer afford to keep your account as free."

It tries to make you believe the developers are now charging $12.99 a month, and your account will be frozen if you do not upgrade.

Do not click any links, do not pay any money and do not type your password. It is a scam.


Zika is in the U.S. and crooks are preying on your Zika fears. Watch out for all kinds of schemes from thieves claiming to have ways to protect you from the virus. Right now, there are three scams on the Better Business Bureau's Zika radar.

"The first thing we've seen is repellents. We've seen wristbands, we've seen stickers, we've seen ultrasonic devices. They're supposed to repel mosquitoes but the experts say they don't work," says Dick Eppstein, BBB.

The Better Business Bureau says in some cases the ultrasonic devices can actually attract mosquitoes. Also, stay away from all natural products. They do not work nearly as well as products with DEET.

Watch out for businesses claiming to do mosquito spraying or Zika investment scams, usually found on Facebook or GoFundMe pages. They are out to make a quick buck, simply don't work or the businesses are ill-equipped, unlicensed people who do not know what they are doing.


And Jaden Smith is not dead, but this bogus post could kill your Facebook with a nasty virus.

WTOC viewer Amber Stafford sent in a warning about this one, and she is right. Avoid this phony celebrity news site and notice the backwards name too.

If you have a scam that you would like to tell us about, send it to askwtoc@wtoc.com or message me on Facebook at WTOC Don Logana.

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