Lowcountry gun shop speaks out on improper firearm sales

Lowcountry gun shop speaks out on improper firearm sales

Thousands of people across the nation and in the Lowcountry have guns they shouldn't have.

A new report says the number of times the FBI allowed sales of guns with incomplete background checks jumped by thousands in 2015.

A gun shop on Dean Forest Road in Savannah shared the process of buying a gun which involves filling out and ATF form and having a proper ID.

They will then put your information through a system that instantly checks your background to see if you're capable of buying a firearm.

The system will come back with a note saying you can proceed with the purchase, deny the purchase or that it's delayed.

According to the report, over 271,000 background checks of South Carolina gun buyers were incomplete after the government's three-day limit.

Of those, a little over 9,000 were later denied.

But questions are raised when it comes to buying a gun from a civilian who isn't licensed.

Mark Johnson with Dean Forest Road Guns and Ammo says most don't even go through the background check process at gun shows, which is legal.

"The way the federal firearms laws are written, you can sell a gun to whomever you please that can legally purchase it within your state. You can do that at a gun show if you want. If you're not a licensed firearms dealer then you don't do a background check," shared Johnson.

Johnson emphasizes gun shops have to be extra careful when selling a gun, or they could lose their license.

The FBI says gun requests overall have increased by 10 percent in the last year.

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