Historic Savannah Foundation restores old buildings

Historic Savannah Foundation restores old buildings

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - For the past 60 years, the Historic Savannah Foundation has sought to revitalize dilapidated residences in the downtown area, but as they've grown over the years, so has their reach.

Now, the foundation has restored buildings in areas such as the Victorian Districts and Cuyler-Brownsville. President and CEO Daniel Carey hopes that the foundation will serve as a source of inspiration to other neighborhoods and residents as they attempt to restore blighted buildings in their area.

"So much of the work that we've done has often been the first in the neighborhood or the first on the block. In other words, the whole block might be just about gone, and we're gonna take that first project on and inspire others to follow suit. As of late, we've been taking on the last of the buildings on the block that are vacant and blighted," Carey said.

Carey and the Foundation are looking to sell the property to someone who will appreciate the property, and respect its historical value.

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