Police Crack Down on Crime

Some drug dealers in Savannah had a rough night Friday.

Savannah Chatham Police hit some of the biggest hotspots for crime trying to clean up the streets.

Police were trying to be as visible as possible making Friday night a complete saturation: every unit in the department working side by side with state and federal agents.

Detective Alan Riley says they had one goal: "To give the street back to the citizens."

Officers were tying to achieve that goal with a busload of police catching criminals by surprise.

Riley explained, "What they're doing is these unites are going through in unmarked vehicles scouting out the areas to tell which would be a good place to hit."

For the most part, police say they were concentrating on drug activity, and it wasn't hard to find.

Officers hope the high profile crackdowns will get word around the street that it's not an open market for drugs.

"Usually we get very good feedback," says Lt. Richard Zapal. "People love to see us, they like to help us out and we like the community relationship with them."

"These people have been here all their lives and you get one element that's bringing it down for them. And that's what we're here for tonight," agrees Riley.

Aside from these big groups of officers, there more patrols in general throughout the evening as well.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite, ccowperthwaite@wtoc.com