Shadow Moss subdivision fire said to be a "close call"

Shadow Moss subdivision fire said to be a "close call"

BURTON, SC (WTOC) - The Burton Fire District and Marine Corps Air Station Fire Department responded to reports of an outside fire that spread to the side of a residence this morning in the Shadow Moss subdivision.

The homeowner and a neighbor came together to extinguish the blaze with a garden hose before Burton Fire crews were able to respond. Firefighters did make sure that the fire was out, using thermal imaging to make sure that the fire was not continuing to smolder in the walls.

The fire is still under investigation at this time. The blaze began inside of a trash can and was seen by a neighbor, who brought it to the attention of the homeowner. No injuries were reported.

Fire officials warn that items such as linseed oil or 9-volt batteries can heat up and catch fire when put in a warm, unventilated location, such as a trash can. It is important that containers that hold waste are placed away from structures.

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