Proud to be a GA Farmer: David Jarriel

Proud to be a GA farmer: David Jarriel.

COLLINS, GA (WTOC) - The pronunciation of the word "pecan" is one of those debates that has raged on forever.

We're going to finally bring clarity to it with a gentleman in Collins, GA who is proud to be a farmer. Before we go any further, let's get one thing straight on the pronunciation of what David Jarriel is growing in his trees. When you pick up nuts out of the yard, and you've got $.75 to $1.25 for them, you've just got some old pee-cans. Now, when you move up to $2 and $3, they become puh-cahns, and we like selling puh-cahns here.

Jarriel farms onions, peanuts, corn, and beans. He came to be in the pecan business fairly recently in classic farmer fashion.

"In areas we can't typically run row crops or vegetable crops, and try to utilize the land," said David Jarriel, Dry Branch Farms.

While the pecans still have some growing to do, it's Vidalia onion time in Jarriel's fields. He'll grow, pack, and ship about 20 million Vidalias this year.

"I manage the entire packing house," he said.

Shirley Jarriel is his better half and business partner. She says that the economic impact of the product is often overlooked.

"Printing products, which helps most of your printers, pallet distributors, and then we also have electricians and construction workers," she said.

As much as the economy is tied to the soil, David's spirit is even more so. That's why we're proud he's a Georgia farmer.

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