Proud to be a GA Farmer: Chris Hopkins

Proud to be a GA Farmer: Chris Collins

TATTNALL CO., GA (WTOC) - In cities, the relationship between buyer and seller can be impersonal. There are lots of buyers and lots of sellers.

In our farm communities, though, buyers and sellers could also be neighbors.

Modern farming is a capital-intensive enterprise.

"All setting together, probably about $275,000. Paid for? No Not paid for. Paying for," said Ben Sanders, a farmer in Lyons, GA.

But the farmers of South Georgia tell us that they cannot be successful without the right equipment.

"I wouldn't farm without one. I used to think they're ridiculous to have but there's no way we could cover and do the kind of work we do without it. It's so precise," said Sam Baker, a farmer from Ailey, GA.

They also rely on the people who sell that equipment for far more than a brochure of its features.

Chris Hopkins sells John Deere equipment for Lasseter Equipment in Lyons. But that's just one of the hats he wears.

"He calls when he ain't trying to sell anything. He ain't trying to always sell you a tractor or a piece of equipment. He's here to help forward you along. That's beneficial," said David Jarriel, a farmer in Collins, GA.

Hopkins is president of the Lyons Farm Bureau and has a 1,000-acre farm himself. When his customers call, they get a sympathetic ear.

"We're all in it together. When they're successful financially, we're successful," said Hopkins.

As difficult and complex as farming is today, Hopkins says it takes the right stuff to be successful and the farmers of South Georgia have it.

"They're solid in their faith. They contribute to their community and they care about what they do," Hopkins said.

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