Proud to be a GA Farmer: Ag arena approved

Proud to be a GA Farmer: Ag arena approved

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - Southeast Georgia farmers will be proud when a multi-million dollar Ag arena opens in Statesboro after being on the drawing board almost 20 years.

It's taken patience from them and planners to get something useful to them and the whole community.

Voters approved an arena for rodeos, animal shows and other gatherings. County leaders explained Thursday they faced years of delays for a variety of reasons.

"When the recession came in 2008, we felt it necessary to hold off on construction," said Mike Rollins, Statesboro-Bulloch Rec. Dept. "I think the timing's right now to do something good for the community."

They saved the money until everything came together. They'll build on land donated by the Board of Education. The local recreation department will run it, plenty of people working together, just like you see on a farm.

The progress of finally getting this far has farmers and others hopeful for what it will bring.

"I think it says a lot about the people of Bulloch County, the people who voted for the multi-purpose special option sales tax," said Wendell Brannen, Agribusinessman. "Now they can see the fruits of their labors."

They hope, by spring, it will be open and serving local farmers and others for years to come.

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