Proud to be a GA Farmer: Trey Mosley

Proud to be a GA Farmer: Trey Mosley
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SANTA CLAUS, GA (WTOC) - Just outside of Santa Claus, GA there is a farmer as unique as his town.

Trey Mosley is a rarity in the farming world. A solo act who singlehandedly farms 280 acres of row crops, plus a pile of chickens.

"26,400 chickens in each house, that's 100,000 chickens. That's a bunch of chickens, isn't it," Mosley said.

Chickens are how Mosley got his start in farming

"I like being around them," Mosley said.

We'd show you some of Trey being around his birds, but the threat of disease means no outsiders allowed.

"Could be deadly and financially devastating," he said.

Mosley had spare time on his hands when it was just chickens, so he added row crops to his operation: cotton and peanuts and corn. Corn's his favorite; he grows about a million ears a year.

"Corn grows pretty and green and the harvest is pretty," Mosley said.

We said he was a solo act but his dad, Marshal, comes out to cut the grass after a full day of banking and he hopes his 4-month-old, Hallie Anna, will join him at some point.

"Maybe she'll like to ride the tractor," Mosley said.

Maybe on one of those rides, he'll get to explain to Hallie Anna just why he likes farming corn and poultry so much.

"I love eating sweet corn and I love eating grilled chicken," he said.

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