Good News: Camp Buddy

Good News: Camp Buddy

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Camping is all about the experience, and in Savannah this week, children with different abilities are having the time of their lives learning with their buddies.

A lot of high-fives were given out at Camp Buddy at Marshpoint Elementary. The camp gets kids moving and learning.

"They don't know they are doing work. They are having so much fun they don't realize it," said Pam Hussey, Director, Camp Buddy, Savannah.

The camp is run by the Lowcountry Down Syndrome Society, and gives children with Down Syndrome a chance to retain information they learned during the previous school year, as well as get them ready for the upcoming one.

"They go through where they work with their speech fine motor, academic section, but it's all tied into a common theme and you'll hear them laughing, really getting into it and so forth," said volunteer, Susan Dobbins.

Camp Buddy is one of the best weeks of summer for the youngsters and for the volunteers.

"It's really wonderful to watch them grow from year to year; just a lot of fun, and I love them," Dobbins said.

"A lot of times, children with different abilities don't have a lot of camps to go to. They have a great positive camping experience here," Hussey said.

This is the ninth year for the camp. It's made possible through the generosity of the community, friends, and family events like the Buddy Walk, which is coming up the first Saturday in October, in Forsyth Park.

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