Construction started on apartments for homeless veterans in Hinesville

Construction started on apartments for homeless veterans in Hinesville

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - Homelessness among veterans may be a larger problem than many of us realize, even in a town like Hinesville.

Help will be available next month for a few at a time to have a place to live.

In Hinesville, you could identify more than 100 veterans as homeless at any given time. This new six-unit apartment building will soon begin helping them and others to follow.

The half-dozen apartments will help veterans struggling with life after the military. Former Mayor Jim Thomas says the problem is bigger than it might seem on the surface.

"So many of our veterans are homeless, you just don't see them. They're living with relatives, they're living with friends. But it's a significant problem in our community," said Jim Thomas, a veteran.

The housing authority will screen veterans through the local VA for the spots. In addition to ADA accessible apartments, tenants will get job skills training and counseling.

"It's hard to concentrate on a job or anything else when you really don't have a sense of home," said Melanie Thompson, CEO of the housing authority.

They completed this unit with donated furniture but need more for the others because they want veterans to feel at home when they walk in the door.

"In the past, you've heard the term 'projects'. We wanted to get away from that, not only here for veterans but across the board," said Housing Authority Chair Joe Ford.

Their goal will be helping veterans use this space and move on to a home of their own.

With the success they expect to have here, there's already another unit in the works.

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