Couple finds message in a bottle 29 years later

Couple finds message in a bottle 29 years later
Updated: Oct. 18, 2017 at 11:02 PM EDT
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SOUTH CAROLINA (WTOC) - Eight-year-old Miranda Dawn Moss tossed a message in a bottle just off Edisto Beach, and 29 years later, her childhood token washed ashore.

The couple that stumbled upon the keepsake - one they almost missed in a heap of rubbish washed ashore from Hurricane Irma. It started as a cleanup on Sapelo Island, but once they realized the treasure they'd found, it was a Facebook search away and a reunion for Miranda Chavez and her childhood.

'Hi, found this message in a bottle from Miranda Dawn Moss from Union, South Carolina, age eight, dated 1988. Is that you?'

'Oh wow, yes, that's me. That's amazing. I'm 37 now. Did you find it at Edisto?'

The cleanup turned into a one in a million find for Linda and David Humphries.

"I got closer and I could see a diagram or something. I didn't know at the time that it was the plat of the island that this eight-year-old girl had stayed on. I opened it up and the wind was blowing and the light was bad, and I saw this child's writing," David Humphries said.

"This is 1988. I said, 'what?"

When Mirance Chavez checked her inbox, she was floored.

Chavez is planning a trip down in a few weeks to see where her note found land. The Humphries' say they can't wait to be a part of her walk down memory lane.

"They often went to their vacation spot there and went shrimping, so I'm thinking we'll take her to the shrimp restaurant down there," Humphries said.

The Humphries' say they'll keep us updated on when they do lock down a date for Chavez to visit to catch the moment she turns back time.

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