Houston Astros baseball player receives hero's welcome in Effingham County

Houston Astros baseball player receives hero's welcome in Effingham County

EFFINGHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - An Effingham county local came home as a world champion on Saturday.

Over a hundred fans showed up to support Houston Astros right fielder Josh Reddick. Reddick said he wasn't there just to celebrate, but says it's surreal coming home after a world series win.

"To see world champion around it doesn't really sink in until you see signs and the wording of it, but it feels pretty amazing," said Reddick.

However, Reddick is even more proud of his work to create a brand new baseball field for Effingham County. After months of planning, the county finally broke ground on the $1,000,000 project, an endeavor that was completely funded by Reddick.

The Josh Reddick Field will be unique to all other recreational facilities in Effingham County, as it's designed to be completely wheelchair accessible.

"You go around and meet all of these people with special needs and they want that same shot as everybody else," said Trey Saxon, President of The Josh Reddick Foundation. "So to be able to give them that shot is just so special."

Reddick spoke on the handicap accessibility of the facility, saying "Everybody with handicap disabilities can come on this field whether you're in a wheelchair or on crutches or you need a cane to walk. We are going to make it possible for everyone to go on the field and play a sport and I think that was the main goal from day one."

Reddick also says he hopes the kids who play on this field will get to live out their dreams just like he did.

"I hope a future major leaguer or future multiple major leaguers get to step on this field because that is what we want to do. We want to look back and hopefully have those kids remember the times here and kinda kick off and hopefully do that in their future."

The Josh Reddick Field is a part of the brand new Clarence E. Morgan Recreational Center set to open in early December.

The field itself is expected to be ready for play by spring of 2018.

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