Architects set vision for Savannah's south, east side neighborhoods

Architects set vision for Savannah's south, east side neighborhoods
Updated: Mar. 4, 2018 at 10:38 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Local architects are partnering with other architects across the nation to give back to the Savannah community. The Congress for New Urbanism is mapping out ways to improve communities around Savannah. The group chooses different cities every year and this year, two communities made it on the list.

These architects are working pro-bono to build a better life for people who live in the East Savannah area and the south side area focusing more on the Waters Avenue corridor.

This project is all about transportation connectivity, housing, economic development and services that cater to the people who live in the east Savannah and south side area.

"This is kind of a document that sets a vision, as well as some solutions," said Eric Brown, of Brown Design Studios. "Specific solutions that can move forward, and it's not gonna happen overnight. These things take time. We're looking at land use, housing types, how to build healthy walkable communities, waters avenue corridor, retail, education-just a wide range of things."

This project differs from others in that these architects listen to what the public has to say, basing their development strategies on what these communities want and need.

"We're trying to balance out what everyone wants with the realities of the near-term solutions," Brown said. "This is what we do everyday, this is what everyone in this room does, so it's exciting for us."

The Congress for New Urbanism will present what they found to fix to better these neighborhoods to Congress during their national convention in May.

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