Good News: Chatham Apprentice Program

Good News: Chatham Apprentice Program

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A group of people in Chatham County walked away with a new certificate they worked 16 days to get.

The Chatham Apprentice Program graduates 24 members of the E-3 program. Step Up Savannah oversees the program, which helps unemployed and underemployed Chatham County residents.

During the program, government leaders, employers, and social service workers provide training in communication, interviews, and resume skills. The participants receive one-on-one training that will work with both the employee and the employer.

Program managers say going through each step of the training is important for long-term employment with companies.

"They did the orientation, and then they did the 16 days, and now they are completing the 16 days and then we are going to go into the employment phase, so job placement; jobs leads," said program manager, Isaac Felton.

"This program taught me that you're not alone, so me seeing that, you know, you actually have people that will go the extra mile to help you, and sometimes you've just got to network," said Alicia Lawton, CAP Graduate.

The E-3 program is funded by Chatham County, United Way, State Farm Foundation, and the City of Savannah.

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